What is DEW Gangstalking?

Direct Energy Weapons GANGSTALKING” is used by criminals, individuals, groups or gangs to prove that he, she or they have POWER.

Gangstalking as defined by United States Department of Justice The term “stalking” means engaging in a course of conduct directed at a specific person(s) that would cause a reasonable person to fear for his or her safety or the safety of others or suffer substantial emotional & financial distress.

DEW – Direct Energy Weapons are the weapons of choice for this type of gangstalkers, including Acoustic (Sound) and Neuro (Mind Control) Weapons Technology. Havana Syndrome.

NOTE: Upper level security agencies CLASSIFY these types of gangstalkers as TERRORISTS because of the type of bioweapons technology they use.

Some Victims are manipulated into doing many things including looking out of their window at the exact time when one of the criminal gangstalkers / performers are “planned” to appear within view of the Victims window. (Isolate, Fear tactic). Some Victims get freaked out by their crazy, but are being educated that its normal desperate Criminal behavior. BUT the concern is that these & their accomplices have access to or are using advanced Direct Energy Weapons to remotely psychologically &/or physically disable, assault, harass, bully and/or stalk their Victims.

Direct Energy Weapons – is any weapon, device or electronic that uses any kind of energy to disable, harass, assault, incapacitate another human being. It also includes the use of Directional sound (Voices, noise, etc.)


  • Discredit the target (Victim) – Sometimes it’s ONE PERSON, Business Competitor or “Opportunists”, begins or jumps into the chaos and fuels the campaign against a man, woman or child that “HE or SHE said” wrong either them or someone they care about. They spread “exaggerated” versions of what happened. Sometimes of what “DID NOT” happen. Yes unfortunately HATE, GREED &/or ENVY uses this platform in attempts to destroy their Victim(s).
  • Opportunists – Some other Criminals, Rogue individuals, Weapons, Science, DNA experts, Neuro &/or Technology developers take advantage of ongoing situations to TEST, show how their products work IN the target / victims during ongoing hate campaigns against him or her instead of helping Victim.
  • Character assassination includes spreading lies about the Victim, which include: He or she did something to a person or people he or she HAS NOT met before or did what the MAIN ACCUSER said the Victim did. 2023 People do not check their facts before participating in these “organized gangstalkings, by researching the target (Victim). Finding out who the true identity of the Target, where was the Target when the incident supposedly happened. What does the accuser have to gain? More importantly WHO IS THE ACCUSER? Even the accuser is not “verified”. Sometimes individuals act & participate becoming ACCOMPLICE to acts of bullying without knowing the truth.
  • Some accusers enlist the help of NON ENGLISH speaking professional gangstalkers who also DO NOT check the facts (The identity of the accuser) due to the obvious language barrier.
  • SNITCH Definition – When a male or female informs on someone. “Criminals” include those that informed POLICE about “their crimes”. Suppose someone attacks or kills someone you care about and someone saw who did it, wouldn’t YOU want that person to tell you and the Police who he, she or they are?


  • Take all of the Victims possessions, strip him or her of everything they own. Participants bully some Victims out of their income (job or business) that contributes to his or her financial ruin resulting in his or her inability to pay rent, car expenses, etc.


  • Make it impossible for Victim to live anywhere in peace. These groups have been to go as far to turn the homes Victims PLAN to move into similar to torture chambers. Some apartments, homes have been wired to “remotely” distribute electronic shocks at Victims as they live, sit, sleep in their homes. Which means the noise Victims hear overhead may be a speaker system placed within a “constructed crawl space” above, below or at the side of your apartment. To prove anything the walls, floors and ceilings would have to be removed to reveal what is within. Its what criminals do to keep from getting caught.
  • Acoustic devices s are used to deliver painful vibrations aimed at the Victim’s head.
  • Sound effects are also used to harass and make the Victim feel he or she is followed while inside their home, by making overhead squeaky footsteps sounds in every room the Victim goes to.
  • Some PARTICIPANTS join in to punish the Victim for what the anonymous “Main accuser” said he or she did. In some cases the Victim isn’t informed about WHY these gangstalkers do it and that is because if the Victim is told, he or she would tell the TRUTH. If the campaign is based on a lie, the entire thing would fall along with each & every individual that HELPED.
  • EVERYWHERE. Apps similar to Pokémon go is used by placing a tag on the Victim and everywhere he or she goes “helpers” psychologically perform in the Victims space. For ex. Two MALE Hispanic day laborers entered a Victim’s space while she was waiting for train, dressed in red, then “closely” stood and walked back and forth a few times near Victim to make HER feel unsafe. Then when she got on the train a Black Male also dressed in red, sat directly in front of the Victim and these attacks continued until the Victim returned home.